Interpolation billboard disappears once it reaches its availability stop time.

I am using SandCastle interpolation example and have successfully interpolated multiple object with different availabilities but once the stop time of any entity passes the object disappears , i want objects to stay at their end point while other approaching their end time. Please help.


This is the way our interval system is meant to work. The only way I know of to keep the object around would be to add an interval that lasts until the end or your clock range.



See the forwardExtapolationType options on SampledProperty: There is also backwardExtrapolationType. In both cases you can also set the duration (i.e. forwardExtrapolationDuration).

It sounds like you want to set the type to HOLD.

Yes actually i used HOLD for keeping the object stay at it end point, but to keep it visible until its start time reaches i had to add an interval , that was quiet difficult though, but that did the job for me. Thanks a lot.


Great, thats worked like a charm, actually i was trying to achieve something like this programmatically.

Time : 1--------------2------------3
Object A : *--------------*------------*
Object B : *------------*

So along with keeping the object to HOLD at point 3 i had to keep the object B visible while object A is moving from 1 to 2. So along with adding interval i used HOLD thing to achieve my goal.