Bing not showing

Dear all,

My UE4 Cesium project only shows Cesium World Terrain + Sentinel-2 imagery,
while clicking on
Cesium World Terrain + Bing Maps Aerial imagery results in a blank blue globe

is this a temporary knows issue?


Hi @Plastico,

No, that’s not known or expected. Does the Cesium for Unreal Samples project have the same problem?


The blank world problem is experienced by me as well. When I add Cesium SunSky and add Cesium World Terrain + Aerial Imagery I don’t see anything. I have to refresh by pressing Ctrl + L and move mouse so that lighting changes and the world gets rendered.

Can you suggest a fix for this. Thank you.

Hi @Virtual_Homes,

That sounds like a different problem. Plastico’s problem may be raster overlay related, while yours sounds like a lack of lighting. You should be able to fix the lighting problem by adjusting the time of day or time zone properties on the CesiumSunSky. The sun lighting tutorial may be helpful:


Ok. I know it sounds silly, but after spending more than 3 days to solve this issue, I found that my UE Editor Realtime mode was off. So when I turned on realtime rendering by overriding default settings, all of the problems were solved instantly.

Phew :smile:

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Thanks Kevin,

yes my problem is definitely on the raster overlay side since the sentinel overlay it is working while the bing aerial is broken.
Moving lights or timezone doesn’t obviously change anything.

Is there something I could have involuntary break where I can relink the bing imagery server?


It’s hard to say what the problem is. It’s a bit unusual to see a blue globe in Cesium for Unreal; typically it would be grey if there’s no overlay. First things first: make sure you’re running the latest version of Cesium for Unreal, which is v1.10.1. Then see if it works in the Cesium for Unreal Samples project (you can install it from the Epic Marketplace). Some more things to check:

  • Is the overlay component attached to the tileset set to use Overlay0 as the Material Layer Key?
  • Have you specified a custom Material on the Tileset?
  • Is the Bing layer you’re trying to use added to “My Assets” in Cesium ion? See if it shows up in the list in the Cesium ion UI. If not, go to the Asset Depot tab and add it.
  • Is there anything about your computer or network that might block requests to the Bing Maps servers? Unreal will not automatically use the proxy you (or your company) have configured in your web browser.


This happens to me as well. :joy: