black shades on tiles

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while placing tiles from local b3dm json file url this type of black dots are comming at some of the tiles

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var ALLtileset = new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({
        url: tilesetLayerurl,
        show: true,

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if i read it using assert id its comeming good.But i need it reading from local json

i have attached the image also

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black dots.png

Does this black dot move when you move the timeline/sun position? Are you loading exactly the same tileset from Cesium ion, and it doesn’t have this black dot?

Can you tell me how this tileset was created (that you’re loading locally) ?

Thanks for your reply...
Actually, i disabled sun(show=false) and tried sun.destroy() also.
When i use tileset property luminanceAtZenith, darker shades becomes little less .
i am loading tileset from local folder in .b3dm format (We converted shapefile to CityGML and then to Cesium3DTiles by using FME Software. When i load it from cesium ion asset, there is no black dots.

and i have attached one png there u can see at some portion have black shade.


in Evening time its getting more black shades

Yeah there’s no way to disable the sun’s lighting in CesiumJS since it’s the only light source and everything would be black otherwise. Did you upload the same CityGML to Cesium ion and it doesn’t have these black shades? That sounds like it might be FME not correctly generating the 3D Tileset.

This does also sound like it might be related to this issue which was fixed in CesiumJS 1.57. What version are you using?

Thank you so much Mr.Omar

i rectified using viewer.scene.context._instancedArrays = false;

now Tiles showing perfectly...

dear Mr.Omar Shehata,

i have one more query..

1.How to set outline while generating the 3D Tileset using FME or
After loading the tileset in the cesium div?

color only i can able to set in tiles...

is there any way to set outline to tileset?

please let me know if there is any possibilities.

thanks & regards,

You can produce a silhouette/outline on certain features using post processing, you can see an example of this here when you move your mouse over any building:

If the issue is more about making the geometry that has solid colors more visible, I posted some ideas for a feature request here that might help: