3D tiles building shadow become lines


I’m using last version 1.68,

can you explain me why the shadow on the building look like that?

in previous version it looks fine


Are you comparing against 1.67? I’m seeing similar artifacts when testing on this Sandcastle in 1.68 and in 1.67.

You can improve shadow rendering by increasing the size of the shadow map (viewer.scene.shadowMap), see: https://cesium.com/docs/cesiumjs-ref-doc/ShadowMap.html.

If you’re able to reproduce this artifact with a Sandcastle that’d help us investigate.

well, I open a bug in cesium ion for that . . .

I compare it to 1.56 (we do huge jumpung).

and I increase the shadow map to 20480 (x10 time from the defult) and still I get this.

And yes I can see the same problem here:

I can still see the same artifacts in 1.56. The difference is that it looks like the shadows used to be a lot softer. You can set it to appear as it used by modifying the darkness property. Try: viewer.scene.shadowMap.darkness = 0.8;.

For the tileset that’s crashing on Cesium ion - that seems to have tiles with an invalid material (specifically missing texture coordinates). Was this tiled with the Cesium ion on-premise CLI?


I will try that and let you know.



We create the 3D tiles from OSM using our own tools we develop,

And yes you are right there is problem with texture missing. I’ll fix that and upload again.



Omar Hi,

I played around with that and I figure the problem,
3D Tiles without normals get that problem (the shadow is not smooth).
when I add normal to the tiles they become very dark, I know that you will responce that I need to add ‘lightColor’ and ‘imageBasedLightingFactor’ so it is worng! because it damage 3d tiles with real image. so, if I have tiles that some of the building contains image and some are not it will not work.

I think you should look again on the changes you done with the normals.