Shadow rendering

Dear all

We observed some misleading visual effects with the shadow rendering using the virtualcitysystems 3D Suite for urban planning and would like to open an issue ticket. Virtualcitysystems informed us, that they are using the Cesium version 79 in the software.

You can find some shadow samples here:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

The 3D hardware acceleration on this computer (win 10) is activated. Is there some way to avoid these problems? We found an old post ( aiming at the same issue.

If you have any Ideas what we can do to avoid or fix these issues we would appreciate it a lot.

Kind regards and many thanks in advance for taking the time to investigate this issue.




Welcome to the community! Thank you for bringing us your questions :grinning: :rocket:

I recommend creating an issue on our GitHub repository.

It would be helpful to provide more information on the specific shadow rendering characteristics that are problematic.


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Dear all,

My organization is also using the virtualcitySYSTEMS Suite and we have encountered the same visual effects with the shadow rendering as described above. We have no explanation as to when and why those effects occur, but they have done so consistently over the past few years.

I confirm that the sample screenshots above document this issue in an accurate manner and would like to stress our interest in a timely fixing.

Many thanks in advance for looking into this matter.

Best regards,

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@se_si Thank you for adding these details!

@st_phil Please let me know when you have created the issue. I will do my best to ensure that it is reviewed as soon as possible.

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Hi Sam, thank you for your help and effort you already put in here.
I just created a bug report on github
If you need anything from us or from the virtualcitysystems let me know, we will kindly provide more information if possible.
Best regrds,


Thank you for creating an issue on our GitHub page. I really appreciate that you took the time to write a detailed outline of the problem that you are facing. I just bumped this issue internally. :+1:


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