Strange artifacts in tile basemaps... Does not happen in earlier version

Hey all.

I have been battling a bug that has to do with small geometries. I cloned and sucessfully fixed it and was going to suggest a pull. However I noticed a very bad artifact that was happening. I checked the Sandcastle samples online and notice it there as well. Is this something to do with my machine? Is anyone else seeing this. It is not happening in a prior version (I THINK 1.2 but I am not sure how to tell at this point)....

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated...

Love this library.


Well I have been experimenting with this and I wanted to give the forum some feedback. It seems that it is a machine issue. I have checked my NVidia setting and they were on Default or something of the like. I forced my pc to use the NVidia video card and it is not happening any longer. There was something changed to cause this to happen at some point as I have a minified version of cesium that it does not happen with but I cannot find the version. I have suspicion that it was a pre 1.0 version. I have sense built latest, added a fix for small/short PolylineVolume features. With NVidia enabled, all is perfect again. I will see if the maintainers want my pull or they can add change. It is a 'one-liner'.

Hope this helps someone else.


Rob, we never replied to this but this was a known longstanding issue and has been fixed in the 1.6 release which came out yesterday.