Artifacts on transparent geometries


First thanks for Cesium, it has been really useful to me in the last months!

Unfortunately, while testing with Cesium sandcastle on multiple configurations, I found a display problem on a config with Windows 7 Pro SP1 / nVidia Quadro K3100M (driver 341.21) / Google Chrome 40/41.

There is some kind of artifact on transparent geometries: they are “cut” by an invisible plane which seems to be at a fixed position relative to the camera (see screenshots).

The problem does not happen for other webgl applications with transparency. It also does not happen on the same PC on firefox. It does not happen on my Windows 7 / nVidia GeForce GTX560 Ti / Google Chrome 40.

I’m aware this is perhaps not related to Cesium itself, but to Chrome, or to the ANGLE lib or even to the graphics card drivers. If the problem is not related to Cesium, I just wanted to know if it has been encountered by someone else, and possibly if someone had a solution ? (other than switching to firefox / changing the PC).


Thanks for the report David. This is actually a known issue (it bugs the hell out of me too, so hopefully we can get it fixed soon enough). You can follow the progress of the bug here:

Thanks for the answer and the link to the bug tracker !