Artifacts in overlapping CZML polygons

I'm seeing weird artifacts when drawing many (500 - 1300) mostly overlapping polygons using CZML.

The artifacts disappear when the number of images is reduced (I have not seen any when number of polygons is below 200)

The artifacts are fixed ie they do not change when zooming/panning switching between 2D/3D, etc.

Cesium 1.28, Chrome 55.0.2883.75 m (64-bit) (Same in Edg), Windows 10, NVidia K2000

How can I fix it?

I use the following code:

Hmm, I haven’t seen this problem before.
Could you please put together a Sandcastle demo with some sample data? That way we could easily reproduce the problem.



Here it is:

Thank you

No defects in Internet Explorer

Here is the reduced set of polygons (created from the previous by removing polygons at the beginning and end)

Thanks! I created an issue here for us to look into this: