Artifact Issue with Polylines and Zoom

I’m drawing polylines and adding points to them dynamically in a 2D map. At one area, the polylines overlay on top of eachother for a period of points. When zoomed in, the lines display as expected but when zooming past a certain level an artifact is displayed whose appearance keeps changing as the zoom finalizes (finishes updating the map). The artifact is most noticeable when using a line width greater than 1 (in the attachment a value of 5). Any ideas on what is causing this artifact or how to get rid of it?



Is this 2D only? Does it happen in 3D? Is your app available to run for us to reproduce? Are your drivers up to do?



My app is not available but I’ll attempt to create a test case to reproduce it on Monday.

It does happen in 2D, 3D, and Columbus views.

It happens in Chrome and Firefox on multiple computers and I believe that the drivers are up to date on at least one of them; which driver are you referring to?

Video card drivers. If it happens on several machines, it’s probably not the drivers unless they are all old.

A test app will be appreciated.


That’s what I figured but I confirmed that on this laptop the video card driver is up to date.

I put together a sample in the sandcastle. I’m not seeing the same artifact but I am seeing a zoom issue which I think is likely similar to my original artifact issue. In this version, as you zoom (in particular on the Virginia end with differing points) you see flickering (maybe z-index fighting) and aliasing issues. Attached is a “saved” version from the sandcastle.

ZoomingIssue.html (4.6 KB)

Thanks Robert. I can reproduce this so I submitted #1303.

In the meantime, you may be able to workaround this by using polyline or simple polyline geometry instead. See the geometries tutorial.