Artifacting happening on DEM

Hey there,
I am not sure what is causing this issue but i am noticing artifacting (i’m not sure what to call that) around my DEM, Can somebody please help me understand the root cause of it?
here is the link to sandcastle

Hi there,

This is likely due to a large discrepancy between the DEM and the surrounding terrain data. When you uploaded the data to Cesium ion, did you choose a base terrain layer?

I’ve moved this thread to the Cesium ion category, since there should be devs which can help you troubleshoot further.

Hi Thanks for your reply and Yes, I did select Mean Sea Level as base terrain and height terrain and height reference were set to auto detect

I have the same problem with french Litto3D data, I try Mean Sea Level, Cesium World Terrain and Cesium World Bathymetry layers.


Would you be able to reupload and attempt Cesium World Terrain as the base layer?

Hi @sergemorvan29

Can you share with me a picture of what you are seeing overlayed on Cesium World Terrain? I can open an issue for the team to take a look at the artifacts you are seeing

I did try with cesium world terrain as base layer 2604223 here is the id of the same, now i am not able to see any elevation DEM

@zv-cesium when you say you are not able to see any elevation, do you mean that your terrain is overlayed on the base Cesium World Terrain? Can you provide me with the asset id so that the team can take a look at what is happening in the viewer?

yes, thats exactly what s happening. here is the sandcastle link for the assets with mean sea level and cesium world terrain as baselayer

@zv-cesium the sandcastle link you shared for asset id 2591872 seems to have elevation in the region of your tiled terrain when overlayed with Cesium World Terrain. Is that not the intended behavior you were looking for?

2591872 is using mean sea level
2604223 is using cesium world terrain that is not applied, please add that id to see what it displays

I apologize for any confusion but I meant to say 2604223 in my previous message. There don’t seem to be artifacts when you choose the Cesium World Terrain Base layer. The DEM height of the data you uploaded blends with Cesium World Terrain. With mean sea level, the height of your DEM is more than the height of the mean sea level and hence you see the artifacts because the terrain around the DEM you uploaded is all mean sea level height

it worked thanks alot for your help.