Cesium Ion Terrain Generation Issues

I’ve noticed that when adding terrain assets to Cesium Ion, they are not rendered correctly in Cesium for Unreal. CesiumJS has no issues correctly displaying the assets but the UE4 plugin has multiple issues.

As an example, I created a new empty UE4 project and added the base Cesium actors to get the globe to render in the scene. If I change the Cesium3DTileset’s Ion Asset ID to the generated asset, it will display with artifacting and holes in the globe.

The elevation geotiff I used was from the sample data here.

This was generated using the Mean Sea Level terrain. Asset ID 618922

This was generated using the Cesium World Terrain. Asset ID 618938

Any ideas on why the rendering is different between Cesium for Unreal and CesiumJS?

Hi @shadowedice,

This happens because Cesium for Unreal does not (yet) support terrain that is layered on top of Cesium World Terrain (or similar). We hope to fix this before long. Keep an eye on Add support for multiple layers of quantized mesh · Issue #253 · CesiumGS/cesium-native · GitHub.


Thanks for the response Kevin,

Is there any general timeline from the Cesium Team on when they expect to fix the issue? If not, is there another workflow that would allow someone to use their own elevation and imagery data to display it using Cesium for Unreal?

Hi @shadowedice,

I’ve started some work on this (see WIP support for layers of quantized-mesh terrain. by kring · Pull Request #358 · CesiumGS/cesium-native · GitHub) but there’s still more to do. I hope - but can’t promise - we’ll be able to get it into or early November release.


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Thanks for the response Kevin. Looking forward to update!