UE5 - Cesium World Terrain Tile Images not showing

When adding “Cesium World Terrain + Bing Maps Aerial Imagery” all I get in the UE5 viewer is the landscape terrain but it’s pure white(no imagery tiles) accept for the default UE5 grid landscape texture.

I also noticed that there is no “Ion access Token” code inserted in the details panel either. Ion access ID = 1.

Is it possible this issue could be due to my anti virus interfering with any download from the “Cesium Ion” A/c?

Desperate for help here please guys A.S.A.P…

Thanks guys!

PS: I’ve followed the tutorials to the letter. :slight_smile:

If you’re setting terrain, the connection to Cesium ion is working. But it could be the connection to the Bing Maps imagery tiles isn’t working. Those are served from dev.virtualearth.net, so perhaps something is blocking connections to that host? Are there any errors in the Output Log?

The lack of a access token in the Tileset properties is normal, it’s set at the project level. Click the Token button on the Cesium ion panel.


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Thank you for your reply, Kevin…

Here is the log file for action taken:

LogEditor: Attempting to add actor of class ‘Cesium3DTileset’ to level at 0.00,0.00,0.00
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 0
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 0 done
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 1
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 1 done
LogHttp: Warning: 000004A10D151900: invalid HTTP response code received. URL: https://dev.virtualearth.net/REST/v1/Imagery/Metadata/Aerial?incl=ImageryProviders&key=AmXdbd8UeUJtaRSn7yVwyXgQlBBUqliLbHpgn2c76DfuHwAXfRrgS5qwfHU6Rhm8&uriScheme=https, HTTP code: 0, content length: 0, actual payload size: 0
LogHttp: Warning: 000004A10D151900: request failed, libcurl error: 7 (Couldn’t connect to server)
LogHttp: Warning: 000004A10D151900: libcurl info message cache 0 (Hostname in DNS cache was stale, zapped)
LogHttp: Warning: 000004A10D151900: libcurl info message cache 1 ( Trying…)
LogHttp: Warning: 000004A10D151900: libcurl info message cache 2 (TCP_NODELAY set)
LogHttp: Warning: 000004A10D151900: libcurl info message cache 3 (connect to port 443 failed: Connection refused)
LogHttp: Warning: 000004A10D151900: libcurl info message cache 4 (Failed to connect to dev.virtualearth.net port 443: Connection refused)
LogHttp: Warning: 000004A10D151900: libcurl info message cache 5 (Closing connection 22)
LogCesium: Error: [2022-09-11 11:44:16.686] [error] [RasterOverlay.cpp:107] Exception while creating tile provider: Connection failed.

Hope this helps.

PS: I am using a NORD-VPN network for my internet connection.
Also - It won’t add anything(Terrain or tiles) using the “Quick Add Cesium Ion Assets” panel, I have to use the “Cesium Ion Assets” panel at the bottom left of the editor to specifically add terrain but it won’t allow me to add Bing map imagery base overlay at all.

It definitely appears from that log that something is blocking your connection to dev.virtualearth.net. But that the connection to Cesium ion is working fine. I can’t guess why that might be, but I suggest speaking with your internet / VPN provider.

Most likely the reason the quick add doesn’t work is because it adds both terrain and Bing imagery simultaneously, and when the imagery fails like this it stops the terrain from loading as well. But if you add just terrain, it works ok until you try to add the imagery.


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Thanks for the reply Kevin…

What I’ll do is shutdown the VPN, windows firewall & anti virus, and see if it works.
If it does then I’ll know it’s a security issue with either the VPN or my installed anti virus program or indeed even windows firewall.

I’ll keep this thread updated on events so that when a solution is found I can inform others who may come across such a very frustrating situation… nothing worse than following an official tutorial to the letter only for it still not to work. :wink:

I’ve just finished a test whereby I disconnected MY NORD-VPN connection and everything appears to work fine now, the connection to http://dev.virtualearth.net/ is being accepted.

I have had quite a few sites on the internet that refuse to connect unless I stop using a VPN connection… I can only assume that these sites haven’t updated their security settings to allow connections from VPN clients?? But I will inform NORD-VPN about http://dev.virtualearth.net/ and see what they say about it… again I will update here with the result.

Thank you Kevin! :wink:

I contacted NORD-VPN about this issue and the issue appears to be with NORD VPN not with Cesium at all.

The problem was that NORD VPN’s “Protection Lite” feature was blocking the Bing Image server http://dev.virtualearth.net/

The problem is going to be resolved with the next NORD-VPN update but in the meantime I’ve been asked to deactivate the website protection feature that was recently introduced as an extra feature of the NORD-VPN package.

Appears that this issue has now been resolved… Thank you for your help and advice Kevin, much appreciated.

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Same issue here. Thanks @Hawk_UK. A few headaches avoided :slight_smile:

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Glad this helped you mate. :+1: :wink:

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