Problem meshing geoTiff with world terrain

I have problem with a specific raster terrain dataset from GeoKatalog
After importing to Cesium Ion Assets it shows up in the map like this: there are these “cliffs” around the borders of the data and in between the tiles. Is it a bug, is there something I can do or is the dataset wrong?

Would you please share the Cesium Ion asset ID so that we can look into this?

We have seen things like this before related to the coordinate system of the uploaded data being wrong. For example, if the heights are WGS84 ellipsoid heights but the geotiff header says it is mean sea level heights. First thing I would do is to double check what coordinate system the data is in and what coordinate system is stored in the header. If there is a mismatch, that could be the problem.

Thanks for the reply, the example asset ID is 1645965.

Here Digitale Höhenmodelle | Natur, Landschaft und Raumentwicklung | Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol it says that “The data were recorded in the reference system ETRS89, whereby the geoid of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano was used for the orthometric height calculation.” I am not sure how to examine the geoTiff itself


This issue is that your data does not have an alpha channel or a mask band and instead just has a black background of zeroes. This means that we are treating that background as elevation height of 0 instead of filling it in the the underlying terrain.

I’m not sure how you are producing these files, but the solution is to fix the data so that it includes proper alpha masking.

Thanks Matt, it makes sense. I didn’t produce the data, I’ll try to ask about it at the agency that produced the dataset, I’m not sure if I can fix that myself, I am new to all this. Thanks again for checking.