Question about the Range of Terrain Height Value

I uploaded geotif terrain data onto Cesium Ion.
That has height values in range from -57968.0625 to -32820.1875.
After it has been tiled in Cesium Ion, height values looks like not correct.
Is there any limit of range that height values can take?

Hi, thanks for your question. Can you please share the ion asset ID so we can take a look?

To help us investigate this, could you please confirm if the issue is that the difference between the peaks and valleys is less than you would expect it to be? Also, is there another tool that you are using to validate the appearance, and do you have a screenshot to share from it?


Thank you for your reply.
Asset ID is 589677.
And I checked validity of Tiff file of terrain data in ArcMap like following image.


Thanks for the asset ID and screenshot. You’re correct, the problem was that the terrain elevations are outside of the range allowed by our tilers:

Warning: Raster contains invalid elevations that exceed max/min height defined on planet. Treating these elevations as NODATA.

The acceptable range is -11500.0m to 9000.0m.

It may be possible for us to revise this range, but it would be helpful for us to know more about your use case. What is this data modeling, and how was it generated? Is it supposed to be in meters, or is it in some other unit?