Funny terrain tiles shadows

Hi all,

I’m doing some experiments with Cesium shadows. I think they are really powerful, but I’m finding some weird behavior I’d like to fix.

When running the shadows sandcastle demo code, when zooming out and rotating around the entity, some terrain tiles show bad shadows. Rotating the view causes the bad rendered tiles to change. I have to “force” a refresh of the shadows to fix the issue (for example enabling/disabling the shadows or enabling/disabling the soft shadows)

Here is an animation showing the issue

here is a sandcastle example

Do you know if there is a way to fix this behavior? I can force shadows disable/enable after each mouse move end event, but would like to know if there is a smarter fix.

I’m using latest Cesium version (1.81)
OS: Windows 10
Browser: Chrome, Firefox

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi kalos,

Thanks for opening a thread about this. It looks like it’s related to this bug that we’re tracking on GitHub. I’m not sure we know of a fix yet, but if you’re interested you can follow the issue to stay up to date on our progress with it.

I’ve added a comment to the issue linking to this forum thread.