Shadows not considering terrain outside rendered scene

Hi, When terrain shadows is enabled and i zoom in closer to a shaded region, the shaded region is not shaded anymore because the terrain which shaded the area is not in the scene. is there any way to fix this issue? Please help…


Here is a conversation that discusses forcing a terrain shadow from a 3D object regardless of the time of day. This strategy might help enforce shadows regardless of what scene the shadow falls in. Also, this Sandcastle demo has in-depth examples of how to use Shadows, Entity Shadows, Terrain Shadows, and Soft Shadows. In the demo, shadows are implemented correctly and are highly customizable.

If possible, could you please share a Sandcastle demo of your issue? This will help me assess if you have found a bug. It would also be helpful for me to know a little bit more about your use case.


Hello, i can see the bug in the sandcastle demo:

any chance it will be fixed?

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First, welcome to the community @stefano! It certainly seems like we have found a bug. In fact, adding functionality similar to this was discussed in an early shadows roadmap. Issues related to rendered terrain and shadows have also come up in Cesium for Unreal, as seen by this issue. @stefano can you please send a link to you sandcastle demo? This will help me create a more descriptive/accurate issue on GitHub. Creating an issue on GitHub is the first step to getting this bug fixed.


Hi Sam, hi community :slight_smile:
The screenshots were taken from your sandcastle Cesium Sandcastle
Sorry but i don’t have any personal sandcastle to point you right now, but you can see the same behavior here

( )


@stefano @ajinRa020307

I just created an issue on GitHub that you can track (or contribute to!) #9641. I do not think that this bug is a top priority for our upcoming release, however I would be happy to review a PR. Let me know if there is anything else I should add to the issue to better describe the problem.