Bookmark widget in cesium

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I want a logic for creating a bookmark widget using Cesium API. My intent here is to create a widget which can get the current extent of the map on the click of a book mark button and then i can store it in a session or internal storage so that i can see all those when i come back to my application.

Hope you understand my requirement!!!

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- As i mentioned above, I need to create a bookmark widget where i can store multiple bookmarks. I just need to know how can we store the current extent and can change the extent object values on the click of different bookmark.

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Cesium 1.55
Windows 10 Enterprise
Chorme Version 74.0.3729.131

The Cesium Viewer sample app has an example of saving and loading the camera view in the URL:

So you could do something like that, and then store those strings in your application. You could do that using a database, or store it as local browser data: