Bug: can look under Earth after zoomTo/flyTo billboard

In my app, I create a billboard marker and then perform a zoomTo or flyTo on the entity, which seems to work fine. However, I am thereafter able to look under the Earth surface and see stars underneath if I zoom or rotate too far.

To reproduce (I’m using Chrome):

  1. Open the Billboards demo here: http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Apps/Sandcastle/index.html?src=Billboards.html

  2. From the dropdown, select “Set billboard properties at creation” and note a new billboard. Zoom in on it and rotate the camera to view the horizon, and note how the surface of the virtual Earth blocks further rotation and provides a clean view:

  1. In the setBillboardProperties function, update line 17 to return a variable:

var bb = viewer.entities.add({

And insert a call to zoomTo or flyTo after the block of code on line 34:


  1. Click “Run” and the select “Set billboard properties at creation”. After the zoom or fly, rotate the view all the way and you can see underneath the virtual Earth:

  1. This behavior now occurs anywhere on the globe. I can click “Home” then zoom in anywhere, rotate, and get the same behavior. Also, it seems I can zoom through the surface of the Earth anywhere and see stars underneath.

I have seen some cases where the initial zoomTo/flyTo crashes through the Earth, but that might be location specific.



Hi Jacob,

Thanks or reporting this!
I’ve created an issue on our github here: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/4999

I’ve linked your forum post so we can notify you when we get a chance to look into this.