Bug with 2D map when using polygons

When using the 2D map, I've noticed that polygons only show up in certain places of the map. When I move the polygon to different locations on the screen by dragging the entire 2D map, the polygon slowly disappears when it approaches the top middle/left of the viewer.

Also, I also noticed a bug with the colors of the polygons. The color is solid when the polygon is in the center of the viewer, but then becomes more and more transparent as it approaches the edges of the viewer.

Has anybody else noticed this problem? And is there a solution to fix it?

Thank you!

Hi Lydia,

This is a known issue. Keep an eye on #592.

In the meantime, you can add “, flat : true” after Line 377 in Polygon.js.


Thank you, Patrick, for your reply! The short code addition helped! :slight_smile:

I also have another question. Is there a way to 'fly' to a dynamic object's location? I am currently loading czml onto my map, and would like to gradually fly to the moving object when I click on it. Right now, when I click on a dynamic object, it jumps directly to the location and the camera direction is at an angle to the object. I tried incorporating the 'flying' code found in Sandcastle's Camera example (using Cesium.CameraFlightPath.createAnimation()), and it flies well but the camera is directly on-top of the object.

Is there a way to adjust the camera direction to that of when it animates, the final camera direction is the same as the one for when you click on the dynamic object (at an angle)?

Please let me know if this description is unclear. It is hard for me to describe.

Thank you,


We did something like this for the NORAD Tracks Santa, but I didn’t work on that part. One of the other folks will followup.