Polygon disappears when viewed on a different orientation

Hi, I am trying to create a polygon on top of the Cesium 3D Tiles but I am having this weird behavior.

When I zoom in, I get this solid polygon and I want this to be consistent regardless of the camera angle.

Now I slightly move the camera to tilt the display and it shows like this

Is there any way that I could make the polygon appear solid without this weird behavior regardless of the camera orientation and position?

Are there any factors that affects the display of the polygon when I change the camera orientation?


So I manage to fix the issue partially by setting the right parameters on the polygon entity.
Now I am getting another weird issue where when I move the camera in a different orientation, the polygon disappears

After moving the camera a bit:

Any ideas to resolve this issue? Thanks!

Hi @Mizpha,

Would you be able to include a Sandcastle code example which replicates the issue?

I will create the Sandcastle within this week, will let you know. I have to upload the tileset somewhere first . Thanks!