"Building an App for Magic Leap 2" deploys but nothing shown

I have other magic leap 2 apps working fine and the “Building an App for Magic Leap 2” app (from Building an App for Magic Leap 2 – Cesium) deploys on to the magic leap just fine and start but shows/renders nothing. Disappointing.

Hi @paulparkinson,
Have you seen the Magic Leap sample scene in the Cesium for Unity Samples project?

I’m interested to hear if it works better for you. It would be fairly easy to miss a step when following the tutorial, or perhaps we even missed a step in writing the tutorial. If the Samples project doesn’t work either, please check the device log to see if there are any errors or warnings that might offer a hint about what’s going wrong.

Something that might be going on is that the Cesium Ion Raster Overlay is screwing with your headset. I don’t know the technical side of it, but try deleting or just disabling this object.


We had a similar issue where the terrain would appear in Unity, but not in the headset in an offline environment. Removing this component fixes it.

Thanks @Kevin_Ring ! Definitely appreciate it and the VR03_CesiumMagicLeap sample you pointed to does indeed load into my Magic Leap 2 (I’m using Unity 2022.3.301). Unfortunately, the render/camera seems fixed so that the square of a picture just moves with me wherever I/the headset moves. Any ideas there? Thanks.

thanks @mtor_nav ! I actually didn’t have this raster overlay component in my project so guess that isn’t it but I definitely appreciate it as I’m sure I’ll hit that issue at some point. :slight_smile: