Cant make GooglePhotoRealistic tiles work in Quest3 w Unity


I am trying to load google photorealistic 3d tiles on my VR. The asset id in ION for the dataset is 2275207.

I took Denver VR example and replaced the Denver layer with Google tiles and changed the origin for the Cesium GeoReference. I also copied all the configuration from Denver layer inspector to the Google tiles layer. Therefore, loading and teleportation works just fine. When I build my application and run it on my headset. I get the following blurred view and my controls are working as expected. please suggest what should I do to get the correct view?

Also is there some VR development guide I can follow?

Hi @Shubham_Sharma, welcome to the community!

From a glance, it looks like the start position for the player is below the ground. If you move it upwards, does that make a difference?

If that doesn’t solve it for you, we’ll need more information to properly diagnose the issue. In particular,

  • What versions of the Unity Editor and Cesium for Unity are you using?
  • Can you please share a screenshot of your scene Hierarchy, so we can see exactly what’s in your scene?
  • What is the new origin on your CesiumGeoreference?

We do not have VR development guides at the moment, but we know that it’s been requested by the community. Our Github repository has an issue open to track this. Feel free to chime in on that issue with any other details suggestions you have. Thank you!

Hi I switched to multipass from single pass and it fixed my problem thanks for the help