Building quantized mesh for unity

Hello , I am trying to build terrains in quantized-mesh format for cesium using

Generally it is working fine, no issue at all. But if I build multiple srtm files , there is a gap between these 2 files.
For example , If i generate for N51W001.hgt and N51W002.hgt , there are duplicate terrains for each sources as they are adjacent like

When ctb-tile overrides N51W001 when generating N51W002 , it replaces file N51W001/13/8146/6462.terrain and makes a big hole. If I don’t override it, there are holes on the other side. I have attached an image of the real issue.
I completely understand you might not support cesium terrain builder , however that will be helpful if you could advise how cesium or others build their terrain using multiple SRTM files. Any suggestion or advice would be great.


Hi @davidkhan,

Despite the trademark violation, Cesium World Terrain is not affiliated with Cesium, so we are unable to help. You are welcome to use Cesium ion and take advantage of our terrain tilers.

If you have issues or questions about Cesium ion, feel free to post them in the Cesium ion category on our community forum. Thank you!