Can someone provide a compiled CTB

I’m not a C++ programmer, and i’m not good at CMake,so is there someone can provide a compiled CTB download link?


Can you share what CTB is? Not sure if its Cesium related

Hi @Shehzan_Mohammed
Thank for you reply.I used ahuarte47,but i found it’s quantized-mesh terrain data not working.It’s only contains available in layer.json,but not in 0/0/0.terrain and 0/1/0.terrain.Of course result in CesiumJS’s terrain layer not working too.

So my question is do you also use CTB to create quantized-mesh in offline mode? And how to resolve the problem i mentioned above that is there has no metadata extension in 0/0/0.terrain and 0/1/0.terrain ?


No that is a third-party project that is not associated with Cesium in any way and we do not use it at Cesium.

You may fine more help by reaching out to the project directly.

Just to close the loop here: quantized-mesh tiles has no “metadata” extension · Issue #107 · geo-data/cesium-terrain-builder · GitHub

Yep,that question also created by zhangiser,but the author could not provide a effective solutions util now.
I’m just curious if anyone in your team is using CTB to generate quantified-mesh.If so,how they solved the problem :smiley:

I could probably just clone the repo and try to build it, to create a compiled release of that (for Windows only). But … I’m not so deeply involved in what this library is doing, and it sounded like there might actually be some bug in the library. So I don’t know whether it would be helpful for you to have a release that still contains this ‘bug’ …