Terrain loading failed in CTB production

terrain.zip (142.2 KB)
I have produced some terrain data with CTB, but it cannot be loaded in Unreal, does anyone know what the problem is.I’m executing the command
./ctb-tile -o out_path.dir -f Mesh -N -C -e 0 myDem.tif
./ctb-tile -o out_path.dir -f Mesh -N -C -l myDem.tif
and my data

Hi @Feng,

Cesium for Unreal currently requires that tile availability be attached to quantized-mesh tiles using the “metadata” extension. I don’t think Cesium Terrain Builder does that, but instead only puts availability information in the layer.json file. It’s probably not too difficult to either extend CTB to include the availability in tiles, or to extend Cesium for Unreal (cesium-native, really) to accept availability in layer.json.

It may be worth mentioning, too, that despite the name, Cesium Terrain Builder is not provided by Cesium. While we’re happy to see products from the community connecting in to the Cesium ecosystem, you’ll likely have a smoother experience importing your terrain into Cesium ion.


Hello Kevin, thank you very much for your reply and your thoughts. I think I need to make a try