Error in loading terrain files (.terrain)

I can’t load the terrain file to the cesium. Now I will describle how I did it step by step. Hope this will help you find out where I went wrong.


  1. Basiclly I am following the tutorial in this post . The terrain.tif can be downlaod in the post link.

  2. Built the Cesium-Terrain-Builder into several exeuable files.

  3. Using command line described on the github page to generate the terrain tiles.

ctb -o ./terrain-tiles dem.tif


  1. Follow the steps of how to install Cesium-terrain-server . Using go, and generate a cesium-terrain-server.exe in my GOPATH.

  2. Using cmd to setup the terrain tiles service

cesium-terrain-server -web-dir …/data/tilesets/terrain/texel -port 8000


  1. In my visual studio code, I write the code shown below

  1. And I get the error message, and display an empty canvas with stars in the background.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Sorry, in step 3, there is a typo, the command should be ctb-tile -o ./terrain-tiles dem.tif

Hi there,

We don’t support the cesium-terrain-builder project. I would recommend you get on touch with the maintainers of that project.