Personal terrain question

Hi guys,

I’m trying to set up a personal terrain view of Honolulu, offline. I need some input if I am going about this the right way, or what I’m doing wrong because I’m not getting anything to display.

First, I downloaded imagery from the USGS, used gdal2tiles, and hosted my TMS tiles on an apache server. Cesium sees that fine and I can overlay my imagery and all my zoom layers on the island.

Next, I downloaded 2 SRTM .tif files from USGS. I used docker to run cesium terrain builder. That produced a series of folders, 0-14, each with their corresponding X and Y naming convention inside the zoom folders. I also produced a “layer.json” file containing the following.

“tilejson”: “2.1.0”,
“format”: “heightmap-1.0”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“scheme”: “tms”,
“tiles”: [”{z}/{x}/{y}.terrain"]

But when I use the code from the cesium tutorial in my SandCastle (also hosted on the same apache server), nothing appears. I don’t even see a blank sphere of the globe.

Now here is what I think is going on. Since I only use 2 small .tif files of hawaii, the zoom levels that show the entire globe don’t know to render an entire sphere. With googling, it seems that I should be able to download top level tiles to cover this problem. But the links are dead.

Can anyone help me figure this out? Or give me a step by step breakdown of how I can view a small bit of elevation data in cesium, I’m very new to this.

Thanks everyone.


If nothing is appearing on the screen, it usually means that you application is having trouble finding the terrain tiles.

Are there any error messages in the console?



Hi Hannah,

I do have 2 errors, for the top level tiles. This is why I thought I needed to download them from the cesium site (but the link is dead). I figure it cesium terrain builder isn’t building a proper tile when just supplied with a single tif of hawaii.

Also, the elevation/tile1 folder path is where all the zoom level folders are kept (0 through 14) and the layer.json file is kept.