Using Cesium terrain provider with my .terrain files

I have some .terrain files that I want to display on my globe but whenever I try to run my application it is still trying to get the 0.terrain/Terrain/0/1 & 0.terrain/Terrain/0/0 files. I am not sure what I am doing wrong and am slightly confused how to implement this. I have read the instructions on:

But still running into this problem.

Hey Adam,

Cesium requires that the root tiles be available. You can’t have terrain exclusively for a small area, though you can certainly only have high-res terrain for a small area if you want. In any case, the two root tiles must exist.


And do those root tiles have to be in the format of TMS?

The directory structure does have to match TMS, yes. The format of each file must be the Cesium terrain format documented on that wiki page. I’m not sure if I understand your question.


I have read that page but still a little confused. Basically I have some terrain data in SRTM.asc form. I want to use this but don't follow where I go from here.

Ok, you said initially you had .terrain files.

There are some other threads about how to create .terrain files from input data sources. It’s not easy, but start there if you want to give it a try.

I’m currently working on a terrain server that will make it extremely easy to visualize your own terrain data in Cesium. It will be a paid product. I can let you know when it’s available if you’re interested.


Oh yes so I did sorry I didn't mean that. Could you point me to any useful ones? And yes that would be useful thanks.