How to setup terrain server


I want to setup my own terrain server, terrain data from sever will be rendered and displayed in browser through cesium.

Doubts i have.

1) How to setup the terrain server.
2) Terrain data in .dem file, how to host it on server.
3) Is there any conversions required for .dem file to hosted on server, what should i do display the terrain data on browser.


Hi Vinay,

Cesium doesn’t have any official terrain server or documentation on how to set one up.

Our parent company AGI offers an official STK World Terrain Server you could use, or if you have your own data, our 3D Tiles Pioneers program may be a good fit for you.



I’d like to write a blog post eventually about how to do this kind of thing, but it’s wayyyy down the todo list right now.

As a quick summary: you’ll need to convert your DEM files into the file formats that Cesium can use (“heightmaps” or “quantized-mesh”), make sure they’re in a standard folder/file format like TMS or MBTiles, then serve those files using a standard HTTP static file server (or specialized server that can read and serve tiles from an MBTiles container file).

A couple quick resources:

Thanks for a much more thorough answer, Mark! :grinning:

Thank you Gabby Getz & Mark Erikson for the information.

I’m Looking at your suggestions. I will contact you for any further information.