Use My Own Terrain Without Connecting To Ion at All

If I have a server set up to host my own terrain data, can I pull that into Unreal, via the Cesium plugin without connecting/going through the Ion server at all?

Hello @3DPlanetaPhil,

As long as it is in one of the supported 3D Tiles formats and is valid you should be able to use your own server. Add a blank tileset from the Cesium panel. Then in the new tileset actor’s details panel, type in the desired URL tileset source.


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Thank you!

I am currently trying to do a similar server setup but have been unsuccessful so far. Unfortunately it’s hard for me to identify whether I’ve set up the server correctly or if my 3d tiles is incorrect. Does anyone have any test tileset that is working that they can share so I can debug?

Hello @mahalobay ,

There are instructions for importing local data along with an example downloadable tileset in this section of the Adding Datasets tutorial.

Keep an eye out in the console log for any error messages reported about your own tileset. If you are unable to figure out why/whether the tileset is ill-formed, feel free to send us the tileset so we can test it out.

-Nithin Pranesh

Thanks Nithin! I actually have the page you mention working successfully. I am unfortunately trying to inject my own quantized mesh, which is not currently supported based on the note on that page:

I have (theoretically) successfully generated a quantized mesh using Cesium Terrain Builder and have (theoretically) set up a local server to host the data, but I am unable to get this streaming into Unreal. I currently need to determine where the problem lies - whether it’s a busted quantized mesh, a busted localhost or something in my unreal setup. Hence the question, if anyone has a (smallish) quantized mesh that they know works, that would help the debugging process :slight_smile:


Hello @mahalobay,

The issue is most likely related to the one being discussed here: Terrain loading failed in CTB production. Cesium Terrain Builder is not an actual Cesium product, we believe CTB may produce non-spec-compliant quantized mesh. The issue (along with potential work arounds) is elaborated on in the linked thread.

-Nithin Pranesh