Hosting own terrain

I am trying to host my own terrain. I have created quantized mesh(.terrain) from my dem files using ctb Docker Hub.
I am trying to serve the tileset from apache server but when I am accessing the terrain from sandcastle I am getting errors like


An error occurred in “CesiumTerrainProvider”: Failed to obtain terrain tile X: 0 Y: 0 Level: 0. Error message: “RangeError: Invalid typed array length: 8894653434”


I am just starting out please help


Welcome to the community! We really appreciate that you have taken the time to bring us your questions. A few questions and thoughts:

  • Is there any reason why you are not using Cesium ion to host and serve your 3D Data? I suspect that using Cesium ion would prevent a lot of the issues that you are currently facing.
  • How are you accessing your tileset in sandcastle? I am not sure if sandcastle supports this type of data import. Oftentimes, community members import their data from Cesium ion into sandcastle.
  • I suspect there is an issue with your data pipeline. I recommend that you begin your investigation there.

As always, feel free to reach out with more questions or concners. I am looking forward to learning more!