cache size

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finally have our Cesium Site to a point where we will be able to show it about.

I have a technical question, if this is an appropriate place to ask it. We
have been moving our Virtual Cities Project data to Cesium. Two typical URLs of
concern would be:

The Scott Joplin Neighborhood
from the drop down list. In both cases the
concern is building model count. For example, regarding the first, we would
want to consider populating the entire riverfront with existing models. Rather
than 3 Blocks, there might be, say, 30. Is there cache/buffer limits that
we need to consider? Where might I look to understand limitations that might
exist? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hey Jerrold,

Exciting to see the progress on this project! For cache/buffer limits, do you mean limits on requesting these models from the ion server (if you’re using ion) or limits on the browser itself? CesiumJS should be able to use as much memory as the browser allows it on the device it’s running on. So for that, I would just profile your application with Chrome/Firefox’s debugger tools to see how much memory it’s using. There’s no standard limit that I’m aware of.

Does that answer your question?

Thanks Omar,

That is really very helpful. We have been able to display large urban landscapes. For Example,

There are some rendering issues that we are looking at, but we are not sure if is our data’s problem. In any case, things are good.

Again, Thanks,


Glad to hear it! If you can isolate any issues that aren’t already documented here ( we’d definitely love to hear. I can imagine there might be a bit of a slow down when creating too many objects (and there might be ways to make it faster) but bugs/crashes shouldn’t happen.