Limitations of commercial Cesium Ion

What are the limitations for the commercial version of Cesium Ion in terms of model size and number of texture files per model?

From use of the free version, I've notice that the obj file has to be under 1GB (so about 9Mil polygons).
Is that the same limitation in the paid version?

What about number of textures per model? I know max texture resolution is 16k, but is there a limit on how many texture files a model can contain?



I believe we've recently removed the 1GB limit on obj file sizes. If it hasn't been published already, it will be published live on the website soon. We've been working on making improvements to the photogrammetry tiler, and it processes larger models better now than it did when we originally added that restriction.

There is also no limit on the number of textures per model. I believe you had sent our sales team an email related to issues tiling models with certain textures. We're looking into that issue and will give you an update when we have one.

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Hi Hannah,
Thank you for the update.
Yes, it was me that contacted Tim about the tiling issues. I got a response from him stating that the Reality Capture produces textures which aren't very orderly, and messes up the Cesium Ion tiler.

Is there still 20GB limit to the total asset size (model+textures)?


There is still a 20GB limit for a single asset, but you can put your data in a zip file and upload that now.

Are your assets significantly bigger than that?

No, the assets are not larger then 20GB.
I just wanted to know what the limitations are so I can pass that info to my clients. I don't want to promise something and then not be able to deliver.

I am aware of the recent addition of zip file upload.