Upload stuck at 14%

I have uploaded an obj file asset ID: 1867861. It is stuck at 14% tiling. I assume it will fail like previous uploads that take long to tile.

Another issue I uploaded directly from reality capture and after waiting several hours it failed: 1838093

Thanks, we are looking into the issue now. If you have asset ids you can provide for other assets that failed previously, we can look into them as well.

Other failed assets: 1874059, 1777421, 1777257, 1760767, 1520325, 1514420,

Any updates on this?


First off, thanks for your patience. We’ve been working to tile these assets and have noticed one issue in particular impacting the quality of the result. It looks like the majority of triangles in UV space have less than a single pixel in area. This can currently cause artifacts in the final output. Could you share more about your process for creating these models (photogrammetry software used, post-processing steps, if applicable, etc.)? Thanks!

These were created in Reality Capture with no post processing steps taken other than simplifying model from within the software.

Thanks for the info. We are processing this data with a “next-gen” version of our tiler, which is still in the experimental phase. We plan to add the finished tilesets to your account as they complete.

2102475 is also stuck at 14%. It was shared direct from reality capture.