Reality Capture to Cesium: " Something went wrong with this asset. "

My teammate has been processing photogrammetry models using Reality Capture, and having them directly uploaded to Cesium. A few have worked, however we’ve also gotten multiple models that say they have an error when looking at Cesium. The error message (attached) says to email with the Asset ID’s. They are: 1603631, 1602271, and 1602254

I emailed customer support a week ago but haven’t heard back… I’m hoping someone can advise us if we should stop uploading assets in this way…

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 6.22.34 PM
Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 6.20.45 PM

@Rob_Jameson I apologize for the lack of reply here. We are actively looking into these assets to better understand why they failed (and assuming it is indeed a bug in our system, fix it and retile these assets for you)

While not immediately helpful, we will be rolling out a completely rewritten reality mesh tiler over the next few months and it will be significantly better than the current production system.

Ok, thank you for the reply here Matt… Standing bye on my side.

Looking forward to that update!

Please also see 1671215, 1671263, and 1671708…

Many of our recent uploads seem not to be working now…

Can someone help us diagnose and fix these?

hi Cesium team! I’m just checking in… My initial ticket was opened about a month ago for this (sent via email - didn’t get a response). Are there any updates?

@Rob_Jameson I apologize again for the lack of ongoing updates here but we have been working on this and other large OBJ errors behind the scenes.

We actually shipped some updates this morning and I’m re-tiling 1603631 now. I don’t know for certain if it will fix this particular issue but it will at least provide some additional debugging information for the team.

1603631 is actually the type of data the current tiler doesn’t handle very well (very large textures) and may be the limiting factor here. It’s one of the reasons we are rolling out a completely re-written tiler in the coming months. However, hopefully we can provide a fix to the existing tiler in the meantime.

I will report back tomorrow with the results of 1603631 and what we may be able to do in the short term.

Unfortunately, 1603631 failed to tile with the latest fixes. I’m checking with the team to get clarity on next steps.

Unfortunately the nature of these models (specifically very large textures) means that they are unlikely to work until the new reality model tiler is rolled out in the coming months. The tiler team has committed to ensuring that the models you provided will tile without issue.

I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer in the short term. Splitting up the model (assuming Reality Capture allows you to do so) would be your best bet at this time.

We’ve made some additional changes behind the scenes so I kicked off a retile of 1603631. I can’t promise it will succeed, but I wanted to let you know we were still looking at this.

ok thank you… Was it successful?

hi Matt, it seems like it wasn’t successful? When I go to that asset, I still see an error.