Keep failing uploading to Cesium ion

After aligning, modeling, and texturing 4,100 image files in Reality Capture, I uploaded the result on Cesium ion. Initially, I thought the error was due to my storage limit, but even after upgrading my plan, the upload still fails. It seems that the file size is too large to be uploaded. Could you please provide me with some advice on what to do next? Are there any methods available to split the large data into smaller pieces that can be uploaded more easily?

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@capturingreality.und This is definitely an issue on our side and I’ve asked the team to investigate the problem.

The good news is that we are also in the process of completely rewriting our reality capture tiler so that larger uploads like this work without issue and produce higher quality output.

In the mean time, do you have multiple models like this you wish to tile in the near term, or is this the only one you are concerned about for now? I might be able to set some special parameters to have this tile successfully without you having to re-upload, but that won’t be helpful if you have other models as well.



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The model that was uploaded before was for testing purposes. It seems that I will keep uploading test models for a while. The final model will probably be at least 10 times larger than the one uploaded before. However, the chunks of the model are so large that I am also considering the method suggested in the reality capture for Unreal Engine tutorial (link attached below), which involves slicing the aligned point cloud from Reality Capture into pieces and modeling them one by one while outputting the texture. Currently, it is only outputting as an object file…

Link: RealityCapture Automated CLI pipeline for Large Datasets | Community tutorial

By the way, how long would it takes to rewrite the reality capture tiler? My premium plan’s remaining period is decreasing gradually, so it would be great if you could handle it as soon as possible…