Upload Error aset id:532761

I’m trying to upload .obj,but every time It go over 14% It fails. this file size is 8.73GB

Asset ID:532761
And,other 3d models(.obj) are also error.
Data size of each is Data size of each is 11.27GB,Data size of each is 11.27GB,8.98GB,7.20GB.

Meanwhile,The largest piece of data that has been successfully uploaded and is now up.is 4.11GB.

Is the problem that the file data is too large?Can you help me please?
Thank you.


Thank you for sending over some details and the asset number. Cesium ion technically does not have an upload size limit, so the file data is not too large. What error message are you receiving when the upload fails?


Sam,Thank you for replying quickly!

This is error message.

Something went wrong with this asset. To report this issue, please email support@cesium.com with the asset ID: 532761.

To help resolve this faster, include any relevant information about your data, such as what software you used to export it.

Thank you!

Hi Hiro,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, it looks like the model is hitting the 24-hour timeout for the ion tiling process. A model of this size would probably cause problems even for the on-premises tiler, if you decided to take that route.

Is there any chance this model was combined from smaller pieces, or can it be broken up into pieces that are tiled separately? What is the source of the data?


Thank you Matt!

What you think is right!
The data of error is any chance this model was combined from smaller pieces.
So,I appreciate it if you teach me “What is the recommended data size?”

Source of the data is .obj data.


Hi Hiro,

Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict how long a model may take to tile based on its size. It depends more on the complexity of the contents, which is more difficult to measure. I would suggest doing some trial and error: starting with very small pieces, seeing how quickly they tile, and then trying larger pieces afterward.

Let me know if that helps. If you upload smaller or lower-resolution data and would like me to take a look at it, just let me know the asset ID.