Upload Error aset id:648278 AND ID:649387

Hello !
I’m trying to upload (.mlt , .obj , .png),but it fails.
Showing me the Asset ID:648278.

I’ve already been trying to upload Retextured the data,But it faild.(This asset ID: 649387)
I can check the .obj .mlt ,but I can’t check .png in CESIUM ion.

What the matter these datas is not able to be uploaded.
Thank you!]


Thanks for your question. I see that the model is a ~3 GB OBJ file named ToyokawaCity_3DModel.obj. Sometimes, complex models like this one can fail to tile in a reasonable amount of time or at all. I’ve been trying to tile the model on my local machine for about half a day now, and I’m unfortunately seeing no progress.

In cases like this, we typically recommend users send their data into ion in smaller batches, if that is an option. That can serve as a good test of file validity as well, in case there is more going on here than just the complexity of the data.

This is a known problem with large models that we are looking to resolve, but I do not have a timeline for that change at the moment. If you give us some more information about how the data was captured and what software was used to export the OBJ, we may be able to provide another recommendation.