Upload .obj to Cesium ion


I’m trying to upload this .obj to my Cesium Ion account but I can’t get it to return any errors

attach the file.

Any suggestion?


base.mtl (244 Bytes)

base.obj (3.73 MB)

Hey Fran,

Are you saying you’re getting an error when uploading this model to your account? If so, can you share the asset ID with me so I can take a look?

I was able to upload this model to ion without any issue. I’d make sure you select “3D Model (tile as 3D Tiles)” or the convert to glTF option since this is a small model.

I’m uploading it like this
“3D Model (tile as 3D Tiles)” , and the mistake is


I tried to upload a zip file with the .mtl and .obj or directly the .obj

Since I can’t upload it, I don’t have an asset id

Ah, I see.

Can you open the console in your browser, and let me know if you see any errors in the console or in the network tab when this happens?

Are you on a network that’s open to the public internet, or behind a corporate firewall of some kind? And what region are you uploading from (country/city) ?

it’s so strange

s3.amazonaws.com/assets.cesium.com/sources/76067/modules.obj?uploads:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)

InvalidRequestKey is not expected for the GET method ?uploads subresource99E36A8BC42692FBuiH1DbExmpwvn4siLkDV2qwTfGJmvxD50mZEVICEJ1ESwDEgA+LWrqvdLqSciNjozl6CAxjI1hA=

but i can upload using my phone, i don’t understand.Ah I’m using a open connectio.

Anyway the problem is on my side.