CallbackProperty causes GPU churn with requestRenderMode toggled on

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CallbackProperty causes GPU churn with requestRenderMode toggled on. I have attached a sandcastle to reproduce this problem. If you comment out the “plane:plane” the GPU usage stops correctly.

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Thanks for bringing this up and providing a complete code example! I think this might be related to this issue, where a SampledPositionProperty breaks the requestRenderMode in the same way:

I bumped it with a link to this thread. It sounds like this is expected because a CallbackProperty marks this entity as dynamic and thus it will always think it requires rendering every frame. It would be nice if there was a way to mark an Entity as requiring an update manually. I had clone the position to force this, but even then it doesn’t update in the same frame.

Sandcastle link.

This at least gets it to work without breaking request render mode.