Calling all Cesium Champions...

Be the picture that launches 1,000 tweets!

You work hard to create awesome tools and apps, and we want to highlight your exceptional work with our upcoming outreach campaign. We’ll be tweeting out images from exemplary demos to show off how proud we are of this community and your accomplishments.

To participate: Send your best**Cesium screenshots to **and become a screenshooting-star! (optional: include your twitter handle)

As always, thank you for your incredible demos and developments!

Hi all,

The @CesiumJS twitter user now has 1,400 followers! Tweets with screenshots are always the most popular so this is a great way to get your project some exposure without much upfront work. It also helps contribute to the Cesium community by inspiring others with the diverse use cases Cesium serves.

Dayle is also a mastermind with words so I’m sure she will help show your project in the best possible light!