Help with your Cesium App Development and the Future Showcase Site

Hello New Friends!

My name is Dayle, and I’ve been recruited by the fantastic Mr. Patrick Cozzi to take a creative leadership role in the Cesium community to help, as we’ve put it, “demonstrate and unleash the awesomeness”. I’ve been exploring the apps you’ve created and assists you’ve given each other and all I can say is, “WOW!” This truly is a special community.

My place here will simply be to help you to showcase and market your current work, find the best process for on-boarding new users, and listen to your questions, comments, thoughts and concerns on how you think this community and its tools can best serve all you space and rock stars!

With your input, we’ll build an App Showcase site that tells your stories and promotes your excellent work!

In the next weeks, I’m hoping to connect directly with as many of you as our schedules allow.

How can you help?

  1. Tell me about your Cesium experience or ideas by e-mailing me at with the subject (Your Name and Cesium Dev)

  2. Email me your phone number and the best times to call you back and I’ll schedule a call for us.

Be on the look-out for SWAG, contests and prizes as well! (I don’t go anywhere without a virtual tee-shirt gun!)

I’m looking forward to listening to you.

Cesium the day,


Dayle Doherty, M.Ed

Chief Creative Consultant
978-944-6671 **: @**Dayle4Edu


Dayle has supported Cesium since the early days. We meet in Boston in 2012 when I gave a Cesium talk at MIT Lincoln Labs (this was actually one of the first Cesium presentations ever).

Dayle is unbelievably creative, and I’m excited for her to showcase the work of the Cesium community. This will help highlight your work and demonstrate the diversity of use cases Cesium serves.

Please feel free to reach out to her and tell her about your Cesium project and Cesium requests: