Calling Cesium in the first place

Hey, I’m trying to use Cesium for Unity and am currently trying to find the lon lat coordinates attached to my anchored object, but no matter what I try I can’t seem to be able to get around the error CS0246 saying that ‘CesiumGlobeAnchor’ could not be found. I have tried other things to call as well like ‘CesiumGeoreference’ but I always get the same error. Am I missing something or is my Unity bugged?

Hi @Connor,

Welcome to the community! Can you check that you have using CesiumForUnity; at the top of your script? Our public API exists in the CesiumForUnity namespace, so that may be the reason it can’t find the class names.

Thank you, it seems to work just fine now. I haven’t been able to find what needed to follow ‘using’ to be able to call Cesium. Thank you a lot.