Camera Events/Listening

Is there no way to listen for post-movement camera events.
In other words I want to know where the camera position ends at.


Not really. The mousemove events are aggregated together, because a dozen mousemoves may arrive during a single animation frame. So, the camera is only moved once per frame, even if the JS events are arriving at much higher frequency.

Also, we have camera inertia. After the user releases the mouse, the camera may continue to drift and slow down in the last direction it had been moving. There’s no official end to inertia, it keeps slowing down until the velocity numbers get so small they turn into NaNs (which is not ideal, but not actually a problem either, because we test for that condition and turn off the inertia there). The point is that the user stops perceiving motion long before the numbers actually come to rest.

I think your best bet is to listen to viewer.clock.onTick, and react to the camera’s current position every frame. Or, depending on your use case, you may want to listen for mouseup, but beware of inertia (and touch devices).