how can i get the end event of the end of the camera‘s inertia ?

how can i get the end event of the end of the camera‘s inertia ?

and I find that when I drag the mouse and move it,when the mouse up , the camera update fast.

event my eyes see it stills but the camera update also.



Anybody can answer this question?

在 2013年11月28日星期四UTC+8下午4时52分16秒,Nian Li写道:

Unfortunately there’s no end event here, and in fact there isn’t a good “end” to the inertia. The inertia fades out over time, so for example its magnitude might be 1e-3 after 3 seconds, 1e-4 after 4 seconds, 1e-5 after 5 seconds, etc. I’m oversimplifying the numbers involved, but the point is we didn’t pick a “hard end.” The magnitude gets smaller and smaller over the course of possibly more than a minute or two, until the magnitudes become so small they turn into NaNs, at which point a safety check finally halts the runaway inertia falloff.

Last time I was looking at the code, I was thinking we should change it to have some kind of fixed end, because the algorithm keeps running for so long after the user’s perception is that it stopped. Perhaps a fixed time, like 5 seconds, or perhaps a fixed minimum value (1e-8 * the magnitude of the original vector) just so we aren’t running numbers down into NaN territory. It may help fix things like texture sparkle that could otherwise continue for a long time after the use of inertia.

But, nothing’s really broken here, and we have a lot bigger fish to fry, so it won’t get looked at by the core Cesium team anytime soon. We could write it up as an issue, if people agree.


Ed - I agree we should writeup an issue for the future.

Nian - just curious, what’s your use case?



this’s just curious,maybe in the future I will use this engine,it is so great.

在 2013年12月3日星期二UTC+8下午10时35分29秒,Patrick Cozzi写道: