Camera movement issues on Firefox


I’ve noticed strange navigation behaviour if you open map with terrain: camera rotates around itself (not around a point on the ground), pans and zooms slowly.

It looks like that picked point is very close to display, not ground. You can see this in

or in sandcastle on examples with terrain. If you wait until terrain fully loaded this bug will disappear

Especially it’s noticable if you use Firefox (for example in v.53.0.3 )

Hi Andrey!

Thanks for sharing this problem. I’m having some difficulty reproducing the issue. Would you mind sharing a screen capture? Also, what OS, video card and release version are you using?


  • Rachel

Thank you Rachel,

It is very noticable especially if you see area with mountains.

I can reproduce it in Cesium 1.33

OS: Windows 10, Windows 7

Video card Radeon RX 460

CPU Core i5-7400

I’ve recorded behaviour for pressed left and middle buttons for

Hi Andrey,

Thank you for providing specifics! However, we’re still having some trouble reproducing the issue on our systems. Can you provide a working Sandcastle example? To do that, following the “Sharing” instructions here:


  • Rachel