Crash from simply rotating the camera around

I get an occasional crash in 1.14 that I didn't get in 1.13 when simply rotating the camera around with geometry in the scene. I'm not sure how to go about re-creating it, as it appears to be fairly arbitrary. Maybe you'll be able to see an obvious issue in the code.

It generally seems to occur more if the geometry or billboard is the focus point when holding the middle mouse button down. The actual crash seems to happen when I rotate the camera beneath the ground level. This is on OSX 10.11 and Chrome 45.

The screenshot below was taken after a crash in the Geometry and Appearances sandbox.


Error text:

An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.
RangeError: Invalid array length
RangeError: Invalid array length
    at updateFrustums (
    at createPotentiallyVisibleSet (
    at render (
    at Scene.render (
    at CesiumWidget.render (
    at render ( @ Sandcastle-client.js:29

Thanks for the report. I can’t seem to reproduce this on my Windows machine, but I’ll try it on a Mac as soon as I get a chance. You shouldn’t be able to actually go beneath the ground, but we did reduce the closed you can get from 20 meters to 1 meters in 1.14, so perhaps that’s where the problem lies. I’ll let you know whether I can reproduce it or not. If you can come up with a specific set of steps to make it happen everytime, that would be a huge help.

Turns out we already have an issue for this: and since both you and Patrick are on a Mac, it makes me think it may be platform specific. Either way we’ll fix it. Thanks again for the bug report.