Camera view frustum of RectangularPyramidSensorVolume

I have been attempting to do the following:

In my code, I have several RectangularPyramidSensorVolumes. When someone double clicks on the sensor, I have been able to fly to the sensor, but I would like to transform the view of the camera such that I am looking "through" the frustum of the sensor.

I have the cone, clock, and twist of the sensor, is it possible to transform the view of the camera with these values? I have been looking through the documentation for quite a while now, is there any functionality like this that is provided? If not, I am completely open to writing it in myself, if I could just understand how I could in theory use these values to modify the camera's view.

Furthermore, would it be possible to use this in a CameraFlightPath, for instance createAnimationCartographic(), and have this information supplied as the direction?

I can provide any of my code as needed.

You can modify the Sensors Sandcastle example to orient the camera like the sensor. In the addRectangularSensor function, add this code to the end:

var camera = scene.getCamera();

camera.position = Cesium.Cartesian3.fromCartesian4(Cesium.Matrix4.getColumn(rectangularPyramidSensor.modelMatrix, 3));

camera.direction = Cesium.Cartesian3.fromCartesian4(Cesium.Matrix4.getColumn(rectangularPyramidSensor.modelMatrix, 2));

camera.right = Cesium.Cartesian3.fromCartesian4(Cesium.Matrix4.getColumn(rectangularPyramidSensor.modelMatrix, 1));

camera.up = Cesium.Cartesian3.fromCartesian4(Cesium.Matrix4.getColumn(rectangularPyramidSensor.modelMatrix, 0));

Now changing the sliders will also change the camera position and/or orientation. You could also modify the camera’s frustum using the x and y half angles of the sensor.