Can Cesium be used to combine 360 photo-spheres with a 3D model?

Hey. With Google Earth 3D, when you zoom in, you are eventually "transported" to the 360 photosphere virtual tour (aka street view). The experience is nice, and the orientation between the direction of view within the 360 sphere, and the angle that you're facing when you zoom in and out are linked well. It's a seamless transition between the 3D model and 360 photos, even though these are two different forms of interaction individually. I apologize for my lack of proper lingo, I am NOT I/T literate, which is why I'm posting my question here. Ideally, I'd like to be able to merge the 3D model which can be zoomed in/out, rotated and moved, with the 360-photos which allow a 360 degree vantage point into an ultimate "virtual tour". If you have seen a Matteport virtual tour, you'll understand what my desired end result should be similar to. I've been told that the best way to merge these two worlds us to use Unity. I have no clue how to use Unity. I don't want to learn how to use Unity haha. So I am looking into alternative solutions. But hey, if Unity is the only way to achieve my desired outcome, please let me know! Thanks.

Hi - I'd be keen to know if you got anywhere with this task? We have a Matterport capture system, and we also have Unity expertise....

Hi there,

This sounds like something (development bandwidth allowing), we’d like 3d tiles to support! Can you give us more details about your desired use case and possibly share your data if possible? If you’re interested, please email either Patrick ( or me (

There’s no guarentee that we’ll be able to add support for this anytime soon, but it’s worth looking into and we’ve made a note to look into matterport -> 3d tile conversions.


  • Rachel