Cesium integration with Panoramic viewers

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone had experience with integrating Cesium with panoramic viewers? Cesium is great for viewing models generated from photogrammetry but a lot of the times generating these models are time consuming.

Is there a way to show panoramic photos in Cesium, as ideally, we would be able to view all our models, both panoramic and panoramic on the same platform. If not, are there any suggestions as to how this could be achieved?

hi, There is no any specific issue to CesiumGS in your request.

Maybe you can do your idea as the following

  • draw sphere or box.
  • mapping your panoramic photo to sphere or box.

But the problem in this is that we have to change texture coordinates of our geometry.
So you need to create custom geometry.
You can refer to this my article.